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The People who know what to do to drive me Crazy! (In other words, love 'em or leave 'em!)

I am either the second youngest or the youngest in my family of six kids. The reasoning behind this is that I have a twin brother who came out of the one bedroom womb six minutes after I moved out. I come from a diverse family. I have two sisters  and three brothers.. All of my older sisters and brothers were born in Indiana. There is a story that my oldest brother cried when he found out that the family was moving to Texas and that my brother and I were going to be born 'rebels'.

I had previously given a kind of Mickey Mouse role call, but I received a complaint from one of my siblings that I should not be mentioning anyone in my family on my web page. It is funny that I received a complaint after three years or more of this being posted. I emailed my entire family the address for my web site and received not a peep from anyone with any misgivings. I have additionally removed name references from all of the other web pages of my site of any other siblings mentioned..

Here is the email I received:


When surfing the web and posting my name on it, I found your website.  While I respect your lifestyle you have chosen for yourself and appreciate the positive relationship you have & share with Tom, I have a request that I hope you will honor.  for the safety of my family and those of our fellow siblings, I think you should delete our names, especially our childrens' names from your site.

I would appreciate your praying about our request, seeking any clarification you may have about it from me and honoring it as soon as possible.

Name withheld

I do not want to cause grief for any of my family members, but I had thought that I had been part of a very accepting family. I know that not all of my siblings share the same beliefs. I guess I will have to enjoy my family of choice no longer includes my entire biological family.

If you have any questions or comments about my family or this web page, please email me!



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